5 reasons why you should start a telecommunications career

1 ) Earn while you learn

Working in telecommunications while you learn the ropes helps you gain industry experience and get paid for it. While other students may have to struggle with part time jobs to get money to get by while they get their qualification or try to make a start on their new career. Apprentices and trainees are given flexible working arrangements that value the fact they are undergoing training.

2) More likely to be employed

Telecommunications career

When it comes to employability cost and earning potential a trade can be a better choice for some students than a university degree. 8 in 10 VET graduates have a job soon after training, versus 7 in 10 university graduates.

3) Choose a career not just a job

An apprenticeship or a traineeship is not just another short term job to get by. An apprenticeship will give you valuable skills, experience and qualifications, setting you up for a telecommunications career. There are support networks and help to keep you on track and employed so you gain your qualification.

4) JB Hunter is a reliable industry leader and RTO

Our certificate will still be nationally recognised years from now. Our reputation in our industry is impeccable. Why risk training with a business that may go bust or has a bad reputation when you train with the original telecommunications experts.

5) Government incentives: funding or subsidies

Apprenticeships also attract both state and federal government incentives for both the participant and the employer – it’s a win-win strategy. Find out more about what  funding is available in your state.