Pit, pipe & cable hauling course

Price: $500.00 (GST Exempt)
Duration: 2 day(s)
ICTCBL207 - Haul underground cable ICTCBL308 - Install underground cable ICTCBL213 - Construct underground telecommunications infrastructure ICTCBL307 - Install underground enclosures and conduit
Prerequisites: Nil, completion of a general industry safety course e.g. white card.

$500.00 (GST Exempt)

nbn™ accredited
Multimix Technology inclusive
Underground infrastructure and cable installation


Pit, pipe and Cable hauling

With the expansion of the nbn™ to every premise in Australia, as well as growth in private networks, demand for workers with the skills to install underground infrastructure and associated cabling has never been higher. Take advantage of this demand and skill yourself for the telecommunications industry. This course covers the theory and skills behind multiple cabling types covering copper, fibre and coaxial hauling techniques.

Since this is a Telstra and nbn™ accredited course providing learners with the necessary skills to work in accordance with Telstra and nbn™ requirements.

Because this course is an approved skills set of nbn™’s Project Athena, successful participants may upload their statement of attainment to the enAble system for workforce accreditation. Additionally Students who already hold an Open Cabler Registration may also provide their Statement of Attainment to their cabling registrar to have the underground endorsement added to their existing Open Cabler Registration.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However JB Hunter suggests that students undertaking this course have an understanding of general industry safety requirements (White Card or similar). This course involves physical activities, such as digging and participants must have the physical capability to perform such tasks.


Upon successful completion of this training program, you will awarded the following unit(s) of competency:
ICTCBL207 – Haul underground cable
ICTCBL308 – Install underground cable
ICTCBL213 – Construct underground telecommunications infrastructure
ICTCBL307 – Install underground enclosures and conduit

Course information

This pit and pipe course involves physical activities, such as digging and participants must have the physical capability to perform such tasks.

Pit, pipe & cable hauling course

  • Safe worksite setup
  • Introduction to other underground assets
  • Pit & conduit types
  • Installation techniques for pits & conduit
  • Pit remediation
  • Cable dispenser setup
  • Hauling underground cable
Dates & Locations

Our locations include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and other major regional centres throughout Australia. In-house training is available on request.

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