Optical Fibre Hygiene | nbn Skill 9

Price: $250.00 (GST Exempt)
Duration: 1 day
ICTTEN318 - Inspect, clean and handle optical fibre cable and connectors
Prerequisites: Nil

$250.00 (GST Exempt)


This Fibre Hygiene course is designed for workers seeking accreditation to perform FTTC installation and maintenance work.
his course meets the requirements for nbn™ technical skill accreditation:


  • nbn Skill 9 – Fibre inspection and cleaning;

Please note that under the new nbn requirements, the older Skill 29 is no longer required if you have accreditation for Skill 9.


  • Proof of identity to show your instructor – this can be either a current driver’s licence, passport or company photo ID
    Enclosed shoes or safety boots
  • Appropriate work attire – long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Safety glasses
  • Laptop or tablet to access learner guide

Upon successful completion of this training program, you will be awarded the following unit(s) of competency:
ICTTEN318 – Inspect, clean and handle optical fibre cable and connectors.

Course information

Fibre Hygiene

  • Fibre Basics basic fibre safety and handling, recognising cable and connector types
  • Inspection and cleaning of fibre connectors
  • Testing   including the use of a PON power meter and visible light source
  • FTTC Fibre skills
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