nbn™ Direct Assessments

Price: $165.00 (GST Inclusive)
Duration: 1 hour per assessment
Technical skills accreditation
Prerequisites: Industry experience and approval from a delivery partner

$165.00 (GST Inclusive)

nbn™ Direct Assessments are for workers with existing experience in the specific technical skill(s). We offer assessments for practical skills in HFC, fibre or copper. If you haven’t been directed to get a Direct Assessment you can achieve accreditation by attending training courses in Copper, Optical Fibre or Hybrid Fibre Coaxial specialisations.


How Direct Assessments work

Prior to taking your practical Direct Assessment students should have passed the online knowledge test provided on enAble™. If you have not undergone this test, please do not book an assessment, instead discuss with your delivery partner who may arrange a different pathway.

Direct Assessments are conducted on a regular basis at JB Hunter venues, and through assessment times may vary they generally take an hour or two.

Our qualified assessors will run you through a series of skill set specific tasks so they can observe your workplace competency.

Once the assessment is complete your result will be able provided to your Delivery Partner, who will upload to the enAble portal for you.

PLEASE NOTE: JB Hunter does not have access to upload results to enAble, you must speak with your Delivery Partner if you are experiencing a delay with accreditation.


WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING to your nbn™ direct assement

  • Your enAble ID card and photo ID such as drivers licence
  • Enclosed shoes or safety boots
  • Appropriate work attire – long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Safety glasses
  • Your work vehicle containing tools & test equipment


Purchase assessments

To see a list of our available nbn assessments, please click here.

Select from the buttons below how many skills you would like to purchase. After purchase you will receive a confirmation email. Someone from our team will contact you regarding available dates and times for assessment.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have completed the relevant knowledge assessment in enAble and have a status of “Awaiting Practical” before you proceed to a booking.

nbn™ Direct Assessments are $165 (inc GST) per assessment.


Your completed assessment template/s will be sent to your nominated Delivery Partner for uploading into enAble™.

Course information

Get your nbn™ direct assessment

Our Direct Assessments will help you get the accreditation you need for the nbn™ . enAble™ is an accreditation portal for all workers involved in construction, activation, operation or maintenance on the nbn™. enAble™ stores worker skills and competencies, hosts online training materials, and provides up-to-date information about nbn™ accreditation.

For more information go to enable.nbnco.com.au

Dates & Locations

Our locations include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and other major regional centres throughout Australia. In-house training is available on request.

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Terms and Conditions

With the exception of qualifications, students have 3 months from commencement of training, to complete all learning and demonstrate competence. After this time the enrolment will be cancelled.

For information on JB Hunter’s Terms and Conditions and any fees and charges that might apply please go to our Policies and Procedures page.