Frequently asked questions

What time do courses commence and finish?

Day courses commence at 7.45 am and finish at approximately 4.00 – 4.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Your course confirmation email should contain this information.

What is a Unique Student Identifier and how do I get one ?

All learners undertaking nationally recognised training need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This includes learners undertaking Vocational Education Training (VET) in schools.

A USI is a reference number made up of numbers and letters. There is no cost to create a USI. Click here to create a USI. By creating a USI a secure online record of learners nationally recognised training can be accessed anytime and anywhere. A USI is with you for life.
USI’s are linked to the National Vocation Education and Training (VET) Data Collection, and this means a learners nationally recognised training and qualifications gained anywhere in Australia, from different training organisations, will be kept all together.

How do I create a USI

The process is quick and easy. This will only take a few minutes of your time. To obtain a USI you will need at least one form of ID. Forms of ID accepted are;

The USI website has detailed information on the steps to create a USI. Click here for information on the process to obtain a USI or if you’re ready to apply for one now go to usi.gov.au and start the process.

Duplicate USI

When you create your USI the system will check existing accounts and advise if there is a USI account already established. If learners become aware of the possibility of having two USIs, learners should report the issue to the USI Office. The USI Office will work with you to resolve the issue.

Forgotten USI

If you forget or lose your USI, you can retrieve it online. You will simple need to enter a few details to verify who you are. The details you enter must be the same as those you entered when applying for a USI or, when you last updated your USI account.

What are the prerequisites and cabling experience required before completing the Cabler Registration courses?

What are the prerequisites and cabling experience required before completing the Cabler Registration courses?

The following units of competency MUST be completed or held prior to commencing your open registration course.

ICTWHS204 – Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures
ICTTEN201 – Use electrical skills in telecommunications work

Students not already holding these units are provided free access to these online modules. Login details to these eLearning modules will be provided on registration.

The Open Registration course forms a pathway to obtaining the ACMA Open Cabler Registration. This Registration can be obtained from an ACMA approved registrar and is subject to meeting all the requirements of the ACMA, including three hundred and sixty (360) hours of cabling experience. For more information read: How to become a registered cabler

Please be aware that if you have not completed the above prerequisite units you will not be able to attend the classroom component of this course.

I’ve completed the Open/Restricted/Upgrade Cabler Registration course. What do I do next?

  1. Choose one of the following Registrars below (listed in alphabetical order)
  2. Complete the Registrar’s registration form, referring to the competencies listed on your statement of attainment from JB Hunter. You may need JB Hunter’s RTO number: 90277
  3. Send your completed registration form along with a copy of your statement of attainment to the Registrar, along with the relevant registration fee.
  4. If you have any questions, contact JB Hunter or the Registrars directly

ACRS – Australian Cabler Registration Service
PO Box 1106, Burwood North NSW 2134
Phone:1300 667 771   Web: www.acrs.com.au

ACRS Registration Form

Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL)
PO Box 1338, Crows Nest, NSW 1585
Phone: 02 8425 4331   Web: www.asial.com.au

ASIAL Registration Form

BICSI Registered Cablers Australia
PO Box 6073, Hawthorn West, VIC 3122
Phone: 1800 306 444   Web: www.brca.com.au

BICSI Registration Form

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia)
PO Box 1049, Box Hill VIC 3128
Phone: 03 9890 1544   Web: www.fpaa.com.au

FPAA Registration Form

TITAB Australia Cabler Registry Service
PO Box 348 Carlton South, VIC 3053
Phone: 03 93494955   Web: www.titab.com.au

TITAB Registration Form [/vc_column_text]

I have let my Austel licence lapse. What do I need to do to become re-licenced?

The previous Austel licensing system has now been replaced with the new Open Cabler Registration under the ACMA’s Cabling Provider Rules.

If you have previously held an Austel Licence which is now expired you may be able to receive exemptions from some of the training required to reach the Open Cabler Registration qualification.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to find out more about our Open Cabler Registration training.

What is blended delivery ?

Blended Delivery

Blended delivery of courses is a mixture of online learning modules and in class practical assessments. We like to make sure our students have real skills and can perform tasks in the work environment. Because of this many of our assessments get a student to demonstrate the required skills in person.

Faq for online learning

How should I prepare for an online course?

We advise you to prepare by reading all the orientation material provided to you by JB Hunter  to ensure you are familiar with what content will be covered in the course, as well as any requirements or expectations of you. It is also important to consider how you best learn – if you are someone who does their best work early in the morning in a quiet environment, you should aim to create a similar time and environment to complete the online course.

How long will it take me to complete an online course?

Everyone will complete the online course at their own pace. You should always give yourself adequate time to complete an online course so you have a strong grasp on the content before your face-to-face training and assessment.

I can't seem to move on from a slide even though I've read the content. What do I do?

Make sure you check that you have opened and read all content on the slide, as that is the only way to move forward to the next one. There may have been a pop-up window or hover-over text you accidentally missed.

Are there any assessments in an online course?

Yes. Every module, or topic within the course, will have a short assessment at the end to check your level of understanding as you go. These assessments are not meant to be lengthy or extremely difficult – they provide you with an opportunity to work out where you are at and whether there is anything you do not quite understand.

How many times can I attempt an assessment?

You have two attempts for each assessment. If you still do not pass the assessment on your second attempt, you will be locked out of the course.

What if I don't pass an assessment?

If you have been locked out of the course as you have failed to pass an assessment two times, you must contact JB Hunter support team so they can talk you through where the errors are being made. Our priority is always for you to get the most out of your learning, and we are here to help you.

What do I do if I have a technical issue?

First, try the steps outlined on the troubleshooting page for mac or for PC’s . JB Hunter  has a team of support people available for you both by phone and email for any issues with our online courses. Please contact reception@jbhunter.edu.au or 1800 672 933 weekdays from 8:30am – 5:00pm AEST.