The Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The ACT has two forms of funding available: Skilled Capital and the ACT Australian Apprenticeship Program


ACT Skilled Capital is an ACT Government training initiative, funded by the ACT and Australian Governments.

Skilled Capital is a new ACT Government funded training initiative. Skilled Capital will improve access to high quality training in areas of skills needs and maximise improved employment opportunities for learners.

Courses Funded Australian Capital Territory (ACT)


Personal Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Act Skilled Capital learners must be:

  • An Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand passport holder resident for more than six (6) months, or
  • A person who holds a visa that is identified as being eligible, and
  • Lives or works in the ACT, and
  • Be at least fifteen (15) years of age, and
  • Not enrolled in or attending secondary school or college. Learners with an Exemption Certificate are not eligible for Skilled Capital. Learners who are undertaking year ten (10) or year twelve (12) equivalent study in an alternative program are eligible provided they satisfy the remaining eligibility criteria


Fees and Charges

The ACT Government contributes to the cost of each course and the learner pays the balance. In 2019 the following fees apply:

  • ICT20319 – Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology – $250.00
  • ICT30519  – Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology – $350.00



A learner is eligible for a fee concession if, at the commencement of training they:

  • Hold a current Health Care Card or Pension Card, or
  • Can prove genuine hardship

Where a learner is under eighteen (18) years of age the fee concession eligibility requirements will apply if the parent/guardian holds the above cards.

Initial Assessment

Eligible learners will be required to complete an initial skills assessment. This assessment comprises language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills, and a review of previously completed vocational studies. Results of this assessment will be used to ascertain the appropriateness of :

  • The proposed qualification level,
  • The speed of delivery and learning program,
  • The teaching and assessment strategies, and
  • The support and materials, and
  • The available options for credit transfers or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)



ACT Australian Apprenticeship Program

This training is subsidised by the ACT Government.

The ACT Australian apprenticeship program includes both apprenticeships and traineeships. The Australian apprenticeships initiative combines practical work with structured learning and leads to a nationally recognised qualification. Learners and employers are able to search a list of registered qualifications and RTOs approved to deliver Australian apprenticeships training in the ACT.
Click here for the ACT Qualification Register.

JB Hunter are approved to deliver the following qualifications:

User Choice

Skilled Capital


Personal Eligibility Criteria for the ACT Australian Apprenticeship Program

To be eligible for an ACT training contract the learner must:

  • Work in the ACT
  • Be at least fifteen (15) years of age
  • Be an Australian citizen, Permanent resident, New Zealand passport holder who has been a resident in Australian for more than 6 months, or Visa holder with rights to engage in work in Australia
  • Receive remuneration for their work
  • Complete a minimum of fifteen (15) hours combined work and training per week. Employment and training hours may be averaged over four (4) weeks for non-school based training contracts
  • Undertake an approved Australian Apprenticeship qualification with an approved RTO, as specified on the ACT Qualification Register
  • Have the required supervision in the workplace for an Australian Apprentice


ACT Australian Apprenticeship Program: Fees and Charges

The ACT Government contributes to the cost of each course and the learner pays the balance. Learners are charged per qualification.

User Choice:

  • ICT30419 – Certificate III in Telecommunications Network Build and Operate: $350.00
  • ICT30519 – Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology: $350.00


Skilled Capital

  • ICT20319 – Certificate II in Telecommunications Technology: $250
  • ICT30519 – Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology: $350

There may be a requirement for a co-contribution from employers dependent upon certain circumstance. This co-contribution will be discussed and agreed to prior to the commencement of training.

Completion Payment

Australian Apprentices who successfully complete their qualification are eligible for a completion payment. A completion payment will be paid directly to the Australian Apprentice upon completion of the qualification and a survey. The completion payment is $300 for each qualification. Australian Apprentices will be eligible to receive the completion payment for up to one (1) year after successful completion of the qualification, provided up to date email and bank account details are confirmed.

An Australian Apprentice is not eligible for the completion payment where more than 50% of the units are completed through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). A significant proportion of units completed through credit transfer may also impact on learner eligibility for the completion payment.

LocationsOur training locations in the Australian Capital Territory include:

  • Bradden, Curtin, Symonston