Customer Premises Cabling 

Customer premises cablers are involved in the installation, connection or maintenance (repair) of any cable or device (optical fibre and copper cable) that is connected, or intended to be connected, to a customer premises carrier network.

Possible job roles IMG_0896

  • Data Cabler
  • Carrier Services Cabler
  • Security Alarm Cabler
  • Telecommunications Access Network Cabler
  • Infrastructure Cabler
  • Cabler and Installer
  • Equipment Installer


Cabling Registration Courses

To become a customer premises cabler, individuals will need to complete a registration course to legally install, maintain or relocate customer cabling. The following cabler registration courses are available:

Restricted Cabler Registration
Open Cabler Registration
Upgrade Cabler Registration

Specialist Competency Courses (endorsements)

Cablers undertaking structured, optical fibre and coaxial cabling work in the customer premises must have the following training competencies relavant to this specialised cabling work.

Structured Cabling
Optical Fibre Cabling
Coaxial Cabling

This can also be achieved by completing the following qualifications tailored for customer premises cabling:

Certificate II in Telecommunications
Certificate II in Telecommunications Cabling
Certificate III in Telecommunications
Certificate III in Telecommunications Cabling





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