Fault Finding Customer Premises

This course provides learners with skills and knowledge required to perform cable and system test on customer premises, and locate and identify cable system faults.

 On successful completion, learners will be able to:

  • Test the performance of equipment on customer premises for the purpose of commissioning, fault identification or routine maintenance
  • Locate and identify cable system faults in communications cables at enterprise and customer premises sites
  • Undertake hands-on testing and fault finding of customer premises cabling installations

The unit of competency ICTCBL306 in ICT30515


This course covers: 

  • Cable system testing to locate and rectify faults
  • Fault location
  • Common cable and line characteristics
  • Line characteristics
  • Common and complex cable faults
  • Advanced test equipment
  • Field testing of balanced cable
  • Cabling records
  • Compliance testing of cabling installations


National competency standard

ICTCBL306 - Perform cable and system test on customer premises

Delivery Options

Face to Face

Course Duration: 3 days
Course Cost: $785.00 (GST free)

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