Electrical Skills

This course provides Learners with skills and knowledge required for an entry-level worker to use electrical skills working with analogue and digital, cabling and wireless networking in telecommunications. 

On successful completion Learners will be able to build and test DC and AC circuits, evaluate analogue and digital signals, perform cable selection and test a wireless link. 

The unit of competency achieved from this course is ICTTEN201 in ICT20215, ICT20315, ICT30415 and ICT30515


This course covers: 

  • Basic electrical concepts
  • Ohms Law
  • Series resistance circuits
  • Parallel resistance circuits
  • Power in resistive circuits
  • Capacitors and their applications
  • Inductors and transformers
  • Simple practical circuits
  • Demonstrate knowledge of multimeter usage
  • Demonstrate knowledge of AC and DC signals
  • Insulation resistance
  • Cable characteristics and applications
  • Digital principles
  • Wireless systems
  • Probable faults in circuits


National competency standard

ICTTEN2008A - Use electrical skills in telecommunications work


eLearning + two days face-to-face

eLearning as well as Face to Face

Course Duration

  • 3 online modules
  • 2 days in class

See eLearning course requirements here.

Learners must complete eLearning modules before attending the three-day face-to-face assessment. Please note that our eLearning system is most compatible with Google Chrome. And does not currently work as expected on iOS or Android devices.

Course Cost: $350.00 (GST free)

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