Open Cabler Registration

Upon successful completion of this course, individuals who have 360 hours of authentic telecommunications cabling experience & meet the course prerequisites, will have constructed the skills and knowledge required to apply for an ACMA Open Cabler Registration. An Open Cabler Registration enables telecommunications workers to legally install and maintain telephone, security* and fire alarm cabling in all types of customer premises.

Course participants are required to read and bring to class an unmarked hard (printed) copy of the Australian Standards Installation Requirements for Customer Cabling (Wiring Rules) AS/CA S009:2013. This can be downloaded and printed from here.

*Please note that for work in the security industry a separate Security Licence may be required depending on the location (State/Territory) and type of work being conducted. 

Open Registered Cabler

A person authorised to undertake any open cabling work, subject to the person holding the appropriate endorsements or specialist competencies for any specialised cabling work undertaken. 

Open cabling work

Open cabling work is any type of customer phone cabling work, in which the customer phone cabling that is used terminates at the network boundary on a socket, a network termination device (NTD) or a main distribution frame (MDF).


The following units of competency MUST be completed or held prior to commencing your open registration course.
  • ICTWHS204 - Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures
  • ICTTEN201 - Use electrical skills in telecommunications work.

Please be aware that if you have not completed the above prerequisite units you will not be able to commence the course.

Students can complete these online, they are included in the cost of the course, login details to our eLearning will be provided on registration.

The Open Registration course forms a pathway to obtaining the ACMA Open Cabler Registration.  This Registration can be obtained from and ACMA approved registrar and is subject to meeting all the requirements of the ACMA, including 360 hours of Cabling experience.  Further Details on obtaining your Open Cabling Registration can be found here.


This course covers:

  • Regulatory framework and environment
  • General worksite environment and electrical safety
  • Customer lightning protection (CLP) principles
  • Basic electrical principles of telecommunications
  • Indoor cabling
  • Wiring plans
  • Distributors
  • Building cable products
  • Indoor installation
  • Underground cabling
  • Aerial cabling
  • Earthing
  • Cable types and their applications
  • Symbols, plans and records
  • Cabling design for commercial buildings
  • Practical exercises.


National competency standard

ICTCBL236- Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Restricted Rule
ICTCMP202- Perform restricted customer premises broadband cabling work: ACMA Restricted Rule
ICTCBL237- Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Open Rule

Course Cost

$775.00 (GST Free)

There are 2 Delivery options: face to face or eLearning

Option 1. Face to face

Course duration: 5 days
Option 2.  eLearning 

This option is ONLY recommended for people currently working in the telecommunications industry

Course Duration:

Learners will complete online modules. Once completed, learners are required to contact JB Hunter Technology to book a face to face knowledge and skills assessment. 

  • 16 Online Modules
  • 1.5 days in class (inlcudes a 50 question exam plus practical assessment)

Online students will be required to attend Thursday from 12.30pm and all day Friday on scheduled courses. Students will be required to attend the venue having completed all online content PLUS BRING A PRINTED COPY OF THE AS/CA S009:2013 Standard. 

See all other eLearning course requirements . 

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