Policies & Procedures


Governance Policy

JB Hunter are a Nationally Recgonised Training Organisation registerd with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Click here for a copy of the Certificate of Registration. 

Fair Treatment Statement

Fair Treatment Statement

Client Outcomes 

Client Outcomes Policy

Orientation Guide

Before registration Learners are expected to download and read the Orientation Guide here to gain a comprehensive understanding of training with JB Hunter including the following:

  • Privacy
  • Harassment, discrimination and bullying
  • Safety
  • Enrolment
  • Learner support
  • Course delivery
  • Appeals, complaints and grievances
  • Cancellations
  • Contacts

A complaint is an action taken by a staff member, learner or client in relation to an issue or dissatisfaction with any aspect of JBHs services or operations (other than a result of an assessment which constitutes an appeal). 

 JBH takes all complaints seriously. JBH takes a positive and pro-active approach to the issue, and sees a complaint as an opportunity to improve its services.

JBH encourage all complainants to attempt to resolve the issue before lodging a formal complaint. Formal complaints can be lodge either via a phone call to 1800 672 933 or through JBH-2.2.1 Complaints Form

JBH will respond in writing within 60 days. If more than 60 days are required to resolve the complaint. JBH will contact the complainant in writing outlining the reasons for extending the complaint process.


At JBH appeals relate specifically to appeals for a higher authority within JBH to seek moderation of an assessment decision. The appeal needs to be written down and sent to reception@jbhunter.edu.au. The appeal may simply be an email and needs to include the following:

  • Appellant’s name, postal address, email and phone contact details
  • The details of the assessment you are appealing
  • Why it is thought to be unfair or unreasonable.
  • The resolution sought 


Legislation Policy

Workplace Health & Safety 

WHS Statement


Privacy Statement

Quality Indicators

Annual quality indicator summary reports.


Audit Reports

2014 ASQA Audit report (Full)

2014 ASQA Audit report (Summary)

2010 Audit report summary

 Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Policy

Training and Assessment

Training and Assessment Policy

Training Design and Development

Training Design & Development Policy

Financial Management

Financial Management Policy 

2016 Price List

Terms and Conditions 

JB Hunter reserves the right to cancel, postpone or alter the dates and/or times of any course. Completion of the Registration Form constitutes a booking and implies acceptance of all Terms, Conditions and Policies. Trading terms 7 days. Any debt collection fees incurred will be added to the balance of the account. Transfer & Cancellation Fees apply. Only one Transfer allowed per student.

Transfer & Cancellation Fees

On confirmed receipt of written notice from the client:

  • 11+ business days prior to course commencement – Cancellation Fee 10%, Transfer Fee 5%.
  • 6-10 business days prior to course commencement – Cancellation Fee 25%, Transfer Fee 12.5%.
  • 3-5 business days prior to course commencement – Cancellation Fee 50%, Transfer Fee 25%.
  • 0-2 business days prior to course commencement OR non-attendance – Cancellation Fee 100%, no Transfers.
  • Cancellation after being granted a previous Transfer – minimum Cancellation Fee 25%.
  • Transfer & Cancellation Fees are based on the full standard course price – any discounts or subsidies offered will no longer apply.

Trainee / Employer Responsibilities 

  • Trainees are expected to attend training as scheduled
  • If you are unable to attend, we require 10 working days notice in writing.  You will then be re-scheduled to the next available course.
  • Failure to attend without notification will result in full fee payable for that course.
  • Only 1 transfer per trainee will be permitted.
Fee Protection Statement

Click here for JBH Fee Protection Statement. 



Issuing AQF Certification Documentation

Issuing AQF Certification Documentation Policy

Risk Management

Risk Management Policy


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